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Thread vein removal - Croydon - Up 2 Scratch - thread veins

Thread vein removal for men and women

Thin and spider-looking veins can sometimes appear in clusters on the legs, cheeks and nose on men and women. These are known to be harmless, but can cause people who have them to be self-conscious if visible.

At Up 2 Scratch we offer a safe and effective treatment to hide these veins.

Do you have thread veins?

If you have thread veins then please contact one of our experts who can discuss the treatments available to you.

Treatments available

There can be a number of treatments as part of the thread vein treatment including laser treatment, radiofrequency treatments, intense pulsed light therapy or injecting solution into the veins, which causes the vein to collapse and gradually disappear.

To book a free consultation and discuss what type of laser treatment is best suited to your skin please call Up 2 Scratch on  01474 560 080

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